Vumari Ward has a population of about 550 and three villages; named Vumari, Minyala and Kizingo.  Vumari village has five sub villages of Kiriveni, Chato, Matango, Vumari and Majevu.  Three of the villages receive water from two water springs inside Chenkeli forest, collected in two reservoirs. One of them inside the forest can hold 136,260litres of water and another one built lower down closer to village can hold 45,420litres. These reservoirs were built by the government years back, but later they broke and the little water collected was rationed once per week.

Kiriveni has about 13 People Living with HIV taking ARV and open about their health status. These have been integrated in the Water Project group for sensitization and training with RIPAT technologies and Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) skills.
PULS Water Project together with the community effort from Vumari village repaired the water spring sources and reservoirs. Replaced water pipes, spill points, and other plumbing works and now water is available to Vumari villages for 7 days of the week, to empower PLHA as well as the wider community.

The pipe system for this water reservoir (closer to the village) was repaired and water is already flowing to three sub-villages of Vumari, Kiriveni and Chato. The wall still needs some reinforcement outside.


The larger reservoir, about 1 km inside the Chenkeli forest, was also repaired


Purchase of water pipes supervised by Riziki Shayo of KIWAKKUKI. From the reservoir to Kiriveni sub village is about 2 kilometers.


Group members at a Savings and Loan meeting


Group member prepares lunch at the plot-site to keep them energized.  It is their custom to eat together when they have work to be done in a group jointly.


Here the group members enjoy eating together after their day's work.  


Water supply now reaches the demonstration farm and soon to the households for home use and keeping their home gardens.